“You witness and honor the stories that have kept me stuck with these things. That allows me to let go of them.”

“Our whole house heals when we do this work.”

“It’s so much fun to have you here!”

“You bring so much peace to the house!”

“I feel happy every time I walk through the space we cleared!”

“It’s not a process of being shamed into anything, it’s a co-coperative process.” (from a recent Yellow Springs News article)

“I feel very ‘sorted’ now. Thank you for your very well-organized and structured support. I particularly appreciate how you framed everything and how you helped me to let things go, to say good-bye to things which were once important.”

“Through several projects I have learned to appreciate not only the effective and efficient way how you organize and help organize, but also how sensitively you guide people along the way. Decluttering is not only about clutter, it’s also about me.”

References are available on request.

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