About Me


I’ve always loved to find order and structure in all kinds of things: music, mathematics, theories, … but also in my own closet, shelves, and house. Even in my childhood I loved to clean up my room and to reorganize my shelves. Finding a structure and bringing order to things makes life so much easier and lighter.

I was born in Germany and lived there for over 30 years. I got a master equivalent in psychology and even did some training in psychotherapy, but didn’t see my fulfillment in doing therapy. Nevertheless this background and experience definitely helped me to learn to create a safe container and to hold space for others’ feelings and emotions – which alone can already facilitate healing and growth.

Before my small family moved to the US a few years ago, we had to downsize quite a bit – from a whole apartment to a few cubic feet. This was challenging but also very liberating. Since then I have a longing to keep things simple and before any purchase I ask myself: Do I really need it? Do I really want it? – If there is no clear YES to one of these questions I resist from buying it.

In recent years I first started to help family and friends to declutter. Their very positive reception of my assistance encouraged me to offer the same professionally.

See also a recent Yellow Springs News article about my work.

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