How much is the first consultation?

Currently, I am offering the first consultation for free.

How much do you charge?

I charge either per hour or per project (at a discount). Contact me for further details.

Do you also provide service further away from Manhattan?

I am primarily serving the surrounding area. If you live further away, contact me to see whether we can make special arrangements.

Do you offer cleaning services?

I do not provide cleaning services as such. However, some light cleaning such as dusting shelves or vacuuming freed floor space is naturally part of decluttering, and is part of my service.

Do you also offer service to compulsive hoarders?

Not as such, however I would be able to help in collaboration with other professionals (such as a therapist). If in doubt, please feel free to contact me.

Are you insured?

Yes. I can provide further details, feel free to ask me.

Can you provide references?

Yes. References are available on request.


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