I provide decluttering and cleaning up service. Decluttering is about deciding which things to keep and where, and how to organize this effectively. Cleaning up is about getting things out of the way and into storage space where they are easy to access, easy to find, and well-organized.

I can either do it for you, following your guidelines, or I can help you do it and thus help you acquire the necessary skills. I can provide recommendations for decision making, based on your needs and desires.

We can work with the space and furniture that you already have, and we will come up with practicable and structured solutions which will help you keep things in order. I can help to optimize limited space, or help find affordable solutions for extending your storage space. I can also help with the disposal of clutter if desired.

During a first (free) consultation I can assess the situation and your needs, in order to come up with a plan for you.

See also a recent Yellow Springs News article about my service.

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